Top 5 Critical Mistakes Law Firms Make With Their Website & SEO

Critical SEO Mistake

04 May Top 5 Critical Mistakes Law Firms Make With Their Website & SEO

Is your SEO company taking advantage of you? Are you getting new clients through proven SEO results? Are you still wondering what an seo company does? Are you making any of these common mistakes?

  1. Trying To Influence Google, Rather Than Potential Clients

A website should be designed to help, educate and earn your clients business. It should not be designed strictly for search engine optimization. Any good SEO company, will recognise this and work within those parameters.

  1. Stuffing Your Website Content With Keywords

In today’s SEO environment, less is more. Too many repeated keywords can negatively affect your rankings. This is why if you have any doubt about your methods you should consider contacting a Search Optimization Agency to handle the project for you.

  1. Website Is Not Mobile Responsive

If your website is not compatible with tablets and mobile phones your site will not rank for the majority of searches from those devices. Mobile devices currently make up 60% of all internet searches. Get a professional mobile responsive website for only $500.

  1. Duplicate Page Titles & Meta Descriptions

Google clearly states that every page of your website must have a unique title and description in order to stay in compliance with their guidelines.

  1. Over Optimizing Back Links

Having someone build 50 links with ‘Personal Injury Lawyer Miami’ will not help you. In fact Google will penalize you for it. If your SEO is outdated, you most likely have back links that are hurting your rankings.

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