Link Building Mistake #1 – Over Optimization

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22 Apr Link Building Mistake #1 – Over Optimization

5 years ago, SEO and link building was easy. Anyone could build a bunch of links targeting a specific keyword and Google would rank the site for that particular keyword. In, today’s climate, it might be easier to enlist the services of a business to help manage your SEO needs. Link building is a carefully crafted art for Marketing, however, some businesses sometimes over-optimize their backlinks which may cause them to be penalties by Google if they aren’t careful. Using link building services might be the best way to make sure that backlinks are created within Google’s guidelines.

However since Google Panda & Penguin updates in 2011/12, the link building game has changed considerably. One of the big changes a was Google began penalizing sites that had over optimized back link profiles.

A back link profile becomes over optimized when certain keywords are used repeatedly and looks unnatural in the eyes of Google. This would’ve, unfortunately, affected many who didn’t have expertise in SEO. Nowadays, contacting the professionals is the best way to get around this. They will ensure that over-optimization does not occur.

Most websites link to other websites using the URL or company name. Hence, when Google sees multiple links with specific keywords: Eg: Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer, pointing to the same site, this site may be flagged for over optimization.

When Google flags your site with an over optimized penalty, you will not rank at the top of Google searches for that term. The penalty can vary from minor penalties ,which may be a small decline in search rankings. To a severe penalty where a site may be completely wiped from search rankings and does not rank at all. Google penalty recovery is not an over night process and takes careful planning and execution.

Many websites that we come across have been ruined by over optimization. Please don’t make the same mistake.

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