2 Steps To Improve Your Law Firms Google Rankings

12 Aug 2 Steps To Improve Your Law Firms Google Rankings

  1. Ensure your website is in compliance with Google Webmaster Guidelines

It sounds very basic and you would think that every website owner would ensure their site is in compliance with the ‘SEO bible’. Or, at the very least, they would make it a priority to hire an SEO Company in Toronto, or wherever they may be based, to do it for them. It seems a sensible thought, doesn’t it?

However, over 75% of the websites that we come across are not in compliance with Google’s guidelines. By bringing your site into compliance using on page SEO, you will likely see a significant improvement in your search engine ranking position.

We have current clients that have gone from not ranking at all, to page 1 rankings by just fixing some of the most basic errors that were current on their website. If you’re a law firm in desperate need of marketing that works, you may want to adopt and go back to the fundamentals.

Some of the common website issues:

  • Google cannot index site
  • Duplicate content
  • Duplicate titles & descriptions
  • Too long or short page titles & descriptions
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Missing heading tags
  • Missing image tags
  1. Build highly relevant & high quality back links

Backlinks are the lifeblood of Google and other search engines. The quality and number of back links pointing to a particular website indicates to the search engines how important a particular site is.

Search engines essentially compare the importance and relevance of one site with another to determine which sites rank in which position.

You should try and obtain links from other websites that are in the same industry, or an industry that serves yours. Look for backlink opportunities from sites that already rank well in Google search results. The more important a site is that links to you the better.

By ensuring your law firms website is in compliance with the guidelines set by Google and consistently building high quality, highly relevant backlinks to your website, your search rankings will improve!

Contact Lawyers SEO, if you would like us to run a free audit and SEO performance analysis on your law firms website.

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